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We meet every other week for a time of opening ourselves to larger possibilities and a deeper appreciation of our inner gifts. The focus of this series is a remarkable book called THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE UNIVERSE. It is provocative, deep, and humorous, and provides a wonderful catalyst for exploring our purpose, as well as revealing why we delay the peace that is our birthright.

What if some of the assumptions we simply take for granted were the opposite of what’s actually true? This work contains profound and surprising insights about what we think of as reality, while also addressing dilemmas we face every day. It offers an overview to A Course In Miracles, which is included in our time together.

Some of the issues covered:

  • why the ego loves shock

  • how healing actually occurs

  • why Holy Spirit says there is no need for sacrifice of any kind

  • why everything we make eventually falls apart!

  • why our bodies, the world and the universe appear to be so real

  • why your return to the Heavenly state is absolutely assured

  • how unconscious guilt (& it really is unconscious) plays itself out in our daily lives, why it got there, and how to emerge from the dream at a pace that is right for each one of us

  • the real identity of Wm. Shakespeare

  • how the universe began and what will become of it

  • some future events

  • understanding forgiveness from an entirely different perspective

In addition to the book, we incorporate toning, breath-work, new centering techniques, expanding your ESP, making time stand still, a healing circle, and other spiritual practices. You will receive a meditation tape with each session, which you keep. This allows you integrate the material and to deepen your spirit-connection & resolve. I have found that what we practice becomes cumulative, reinforcing the truth that gradually loosens the ego’s grip. Working with this material is an ongoing joy for me and for the many others who have found this to be so life-enhancing.

We will begin with an 8-part segment, meeting every other week for approx. two hours. The fee is $25.00 per session by paying in advance ($200. for four months, a $40.00 saving), or $30.00 per session, which includes handouts and tapes. See separate Book Review for more information.

Virginia Hart Nelson has been facilitating meditation groups for over 12 years. For dates and times, please call 416-960-1690 or

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