Virginia Hart Nelson,


The Disappearance Of The Universe
by Gary R. Renard
420 p. ISBN 0-9656809-5-9 $29.95 Hay House Inc.

Book Review by Virginia Hart Nelson, C.CHt.
The Lotus Leaves, Vol 12, Issue 1, Spring 2005
Classical Martial Arts Centre

In December 1992, Gary Renard, a guitarist and private investment counselor living in rural Maine, received a visit from two ascended Masters named Arten and Pursah. His life would never be the same. This book is the result of their provocative teachings over nine years.

For many, this will be a startling read. But it’s a page-turner with profound and exhilarating themes that challenge religious & scientific conventions, as well as most New Age beliefs. It’s also funny and irreverent. The Disappearance Of The Universe reframes commonly held notions such as The Fall of Man, which says that there was once a Golden Age on Earth, and then man left the Garden and fell in consciousness. Also that God created the universe - and man – in His own image… But no, say Arten & Pursah, not only did God not create the universe, nor man, the very Fall itself was the original Big Bang - an event so shocking we are still reeling from it! Arten & Pursah reveal how the unconscious guilt we carry about what we think happened, will continue to play itself out in our daily lives until we wake up from the dream. And this book, they say, actually offers a way out. While it may not be an overnight process, it is doable, through the nature of forgiveness. A Course In Miracles is referenced, as well as the other identities of Arten, Pursah and Gary Renard.

Other elements covered: why the universe isn’t evolving (despite how dazzling it may seem!), the Crucifixion of Jesus, Shakespeare’s true identity, crop circles, why we are not in the process of spiritualizing our atoms, why the ego loves shock and how it cleverly disguises the nature of reality, why the Buddha reincarnated one more time, some future events, how healing actually occurs… Within a year, The Disappearance Of The Universe went into its 5th printing, mostly by word-of-mouth, until being taken over by Hay House in the fall of 2004.

A seeming-riddle by Moses Cordovero of the Kabbalah sums up this book: “God is all reality, but not all reality is God.”

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Past-Life Regressionist who has been reading metaphysical literature for over 30 years, I find this book cuts uniquely to the chase, with the added benefit of making A Course In Miracles more accessible. If you are interested in exploring these issues, call for information on Virginia’s Meditation & Study Group based on The Disappearance Of The Universe: 416-960-1690,

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