Virginia Hart Nelson,

Usui Shiki Royho System of Reiki Natural Healing

Reiki promotes healing and regeneration on all levels
and is a natural form of preventative medicine.

Reiki is a form of vibrational healing. The practitioner harnesses the Life Force in his or her hands and lays them gently on the recipient at specified points. Reiki stimulates one’s natural tendency to be vibrant, and is beneficial in maintaining and extending one’s balance, perspective, health, and emotional well-being. It can assist in slowing the aging process. Reiki also stems trauma and accelerates healing during times of extreme stress as well as pre and post-surgery. For some examples of healing applications, please read Stories of Healing with Reiki & Hypnotherapy in the Articles Section, which appeared in Vitality Magazine, Fall 2021.

Virginia became a Traditional Reiki Master in May 1994, having been certified in all three levels with the American Reiki Master Association (ARMA) in 1993/94. Virginia has been treating others since that time. The late Dr. Arthur Robertson who was President of ARMA studied with Iris Ishikuro, who was initiated by her friend Hawayo Takata. Mrs.Takata studied with Dr. Hyashi who is the direct link to Dr. Mikao Usui. In lineage, therefore, Dr. Robertson was only four people removed from Dr.Usui. Hawayo Takata is the linchpin who introduced Reiki into North America. Virginia was attuned by ARMA Vice-President (now President) Caroline Boddie.

Certification - Reiki I

Learn to give treatments to yourself and to others. Includes a fully-illustratred workbook and Certificate.

You will receive your certification as a First Degree Reiki Practitioner by learning:

  • How to harness the Life-Force Energy
  • Principles of Healing
  • How to calm and center yourself prior to a session
  • How to transmit the Life-force through your hands
  • Treatment points in relation to the endocrine system and chakra centers
  • Symbolic aspects of each chakra centre
  • Becoming aware of the electro-magnetic field (emf)
  • How to expand your awareness and become more sensitive to others
  • How to give yourself a treatment, and to treat another
  • The history of the pure Usui method
  • Recommended reading
  • A personal Attunement (at each Level)
  • How the healing current also enhances you everytime you offer a treatment

The Universal Life Force flows to the recipient through your hands, addressing their body, mind, heart and spirit, as well as offering a blessing to you, the transmitter. The current of healing love has many applications beyond yourself, family, friends, colleagues and/or clients - and we will discuss these. You will be personally attuned into the First Level of Reiki healing.

Classes are held each month near Yonge & St. Clair, close to the subway. Guest parking is available. Fee for the 8-hour course is $190.00. A fully illustrated workbook and certificate are provided.

To sign up: email Virginia at or call her at 416-960-1690.

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Certification - Reiki II

Learn more specific healing applications and how to hold energy more potently. Includes a fully-illustratred workbook and Certificate.

Inquire about private classes. 416-960-1690

Reiki II brings you to a higher level of practice by learning:

  • How to hold and direct a more potent current of life-force energy
  • Special exercises for mastering breath, vitality and regeneration
  • The origin of Tibetan and Sanskrit symbols
  • Attuning the chakra centers
  • Integration of the Reiki Symbols for specific healing applicaitons for the physical body, mental clarity and emotional balance
  • Other life applications for Reiki
  • Long-distance healing and its many benefits and uses
  • A method of self-energizing
  • Increasing the power of your inner eye
  • A personal attunement.

You will be personally attuned into the Second Level of Reiki healing. Fee for the 8-hour course is $190.00. A fully illustrated workbook and certificate are provided.

To sign up: email Virginia at or call her at 416-960-1690.

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Certification - Reiki Master (III)

This two day course is also a time of personal replenishment. Includes a fully-illustratred workbook and Certificate. Reiki Master Classes by arrangement.

The Reiki Master Level is for those who are dedicated in their desire to apply this healing modality in their own life and to increase inner-peace. You will already have had some experience in giving treatments to others, to yourself, and using the Reiki principles in your own life.

For years, I have had many students who did not plan to go on to teach or even to have a private Reiki practice, but who nevertheless wanted to benefit from the affirming nature of the teachings at the Master Level. You will learn more advanced healing techniques, a Master Spiritual Exercise, as well as reviewing the Principles of Healing, ethics, and anomalies that can occur. We will also cover perspectives on the nature of disease, personal centering, and more…

You will receive the Master Empowerment Symbol and learn how to attune and initiate another by holding a specific focus of empowerment and upliftment for the one before you.

If you should decide to go on to teach Reiki, you will be qualified to do so, after a period of practicing and integrating the ability to attune another in the initiation process.

Reiki Master Classes are given at mutually convenient times. The fee for this two-day course is $495.00.

To sign up: email Virginia at or call her at 416-960-1690.

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