Virginia Hart Nelson,

Virginia Hart Nelson is Certified in Clinical Hypnosis, Resilience Therapy, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Pain Management, Past-Life Regression and other disciplines. She is a Traditional Reiki Master and Attunement Practitioner, in addition to personal mentoring, and facilitating workshops and meditation groups.

Virginia also uses her clairvoyant abilities in private sessions. She is a licensed Holistic Health Practitioner and has been in private practice since the early 90s.

For many years Virginia was with the CBC-TV's the fifth estate, and left in 1987. In the early 80s she co-produced a program on cancer and self-healing and, some years later, found herself facing major surgery. A short, intense period of spiritual renewal and alignment resulted in a spontaneous remission. Many other health-related circumstances have been turned around in Virginia's life.

Virginia's focus honors the perfect Spirit within each individual, and the many ways that Spirit can animate and transform our lives.

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