Virginia Hart Nelson,

The Inner Eye provides guided meditations for specific applications as well as customized tapes* for clients. When used consistently, the benefits of these meditations are cumulative. They reinforce the truth of who you are and create ease and union with your abiding Inner Spirit, allowing you to slow down and come into the Still Place where all things are possible.

Meditations for Body and Soul

  • Pyramid Meditation for Personal Transformation - 30 minutes

    This meditation is ceremonial and active. The Pyramid is an enclosure of perfect proportion, the active life-force; so the thoughts & feelings you hold here have great power; unlike a circular space such as the teepee or igloo, which is receptive and very calming.

    The background sounds are tuned to the note of "A", which is centering. This meditation includes alternate nostril breathing (ida and pingala) to balance both hemispheres; bringing Light through your body, connecting with the Heavens and Inner Earth; honoring Spirit in Matter and the four directions/elements; toning Om to the note of A; and then coming into the silence and holding the feeling of that which you wish to manifest in your Life. Here, too, revelations can come forth.

    This meditation is very powerful, and as you expand in consciousness your Pyramid will also alter itself to enhance your growing union with your True Essence.
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  • Accessing Your Soul Purpose - 30 minutes

    This is an archetypal journey that leads you into your connection with your Highest and Deepest Self: your rootedness in the Earth, Onement with all life, your I AM Presence or Oversoul; and your Divine Monad. Here, too, we have to Yield and allow the surface mind to settle down. The Journey itself is very pleasurable and you will find that your Forest will become more alive as you continua to visit; your Soul Room will grow and change as you continue to make yourself available to your Higher Expression, and your garden/waterfall will become a place of deep union.
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  • Deep Relaxation & Rejuvenation For the Body - 30 minutes
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  • Meditation for Creating Vibrancy & Longevity - 30 minutes
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  • Meditation for Accessing Other Lifetimes - 30 minutes
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Brief Meditations for Rising and Retiring

This offers a brief blessing to the opening & closing of your day. The meditation is 12 minutes, or your have the option of continuing for a total of 20 minutes.

Side A   Bless Your Day - 30 minutes
Side B   Sleep Well - 30 minutes
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Weight-Loss & Body Wisdom

Side A   Your Inner Pharmacy - 30 minutes
Side B   Your Natural Body - 30 minutes
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Customized Tapes
These cover areas such as:

  • Imprinting and anchoring positive changes for your particular life circumstances

  • Creating restful sleep

  • Weight loss

  • Smoking cessation

  • Becoming one with your true creative powers

  • Creating peace of mind

  • Self-Hypnosis & Deep Relaxation

  • and many other applications ...

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* Tapes are currently available; CD capability will be available soon.

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