Virginia Hart Nelson,

Revelations of Other Lifetimes Through Past Life Regression
by Virginia Hart Nelson, C.CHt.
OmegaSource Magazine, Fall/Winter 2003/4

Have you ever had recurring dreams, day and night dreams, about places and people who do not now exist? Do you have rocky relationships with some people and can't understand why? Past Life Regression can help. Here are a couple of examples of the revelations I have seen in some of my clients.

A woman in her 50's came to me, who for decades, could hardly bear to be in the same room with her mother. She also had difficulty speaking up for herself. In a few sessions, she remembered why. In previous incarnations with her mother - both were in different life roles - she had been subjected to betrayal, rape and murder. It wasn't a matter of reliving the trauma, rather of recognizing that it happened. Ultimately, she was able to forgive, and discovered why her mother also had difficulty expressing warmth and affection and was living in a kind of prison.

Many clients have remembered lifetimes as North American Natives. These lives have proved to be deeply moving because the individual felt what it was like to read the land, knew this continent as it was before industrialization, and remembered an intimacy with the plant and animal world which is foreign to most of us today. A single mother of four recently remembered herself as a scout and shaman on the Great Plains many centuries ago, and in another session, as an enlightened Bishop in the 1300's. She found new wisdom within herself through remembering.

We have all played all the roles: white, black, yellow, red, male, female... Wouldn't it be something if even a small percentage of the population were to do some of this work (a critical mass affects the whole) - prejudice would dissolve because we would know intimately what it is to see through another's eyes! With the filters removed, we can see people and events in a larger context and something fundamental within us is freed up.

The process of past life regression goes like this. I have the client lie on a comfortable bench in my office. I sit beside them and talk them down into a deeply relaxed, meditative state - both body and mind. We have already decided on a focus or intent to allow the lifetime that will be the most insightful to him/her at that time to emerge. And over an hour or two, from that place of stillness, the wise soul within each of us reveals the remembrance.

Some other points on past life regression are that each session is completely different. There is a knowing that we are timeless and unlimited. Occasionally a part of oneself, another life, might have found the inner peace that we are now searching for, and will share it with us. Ultimately everything is available to us if we trust ourselves and allow our consciousness to expand.

To read more about this fascinating subject, I recommend Many Lives, Many Masters (1988) by Brian L. Weiss. It is one of the more insightful and riveting accounts of reincarnation and the power of one's capacity to heal. Dr. Weiss' patient, Catherine, not only became free of debilitating depression, but she channeled lots of universal wisdom, which is included in the book.

Virginia Hart Nelson, C.CHt. is a Past Life Regessionist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Attunement Practitioner and Traditional Reiki Master who has been in practice for 10 years. You can reach her at 416-960-1690 or

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