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The Temple at Jerusalem: A Revelation, by John Mitchell
$20.99 72p. ISBN 1578631998
Samuel Weiser, Inc.

Book Review by Virginia Hart Nelson, C.CHt.
OmegaSource Magazine, Fall/Winter 2004/05

In the beginning was the Word: a sound, a tone, that went forth, as a carrier wave allowing ideation to become manifest. In his way, that's what British author, historian and metaphysician, John Michell has been doing for decades. A generous and prolific author, he perceives the world through the inner meaning of number and geometry, retrieving long-forgotten wisdom of mankind's alignment with cosmic & earthly forces.

Probably best known for his timeless work The New View Over Atlantis, Michell reveals the precision & purpose of the ancient stone monuments that interpenetrate our planet (nodal centres of "high magic") and of connecting ley lines and why they matter. His insights on Avebury, Glastonbury & Stonehenge alone are worth the price of this book. I was fortunate to meet John Michell in England in 1996 with a small group where he shared his insights on England's power centres and led us through Avebury, pointing out the processional of standing stones as they would have been. One of my great interests has been the glorious phenomenon of the crop circles and a real treat is Michell's small book called The Face and the Message. And for unusually explicit writing on Atlantis, read The Dimensions of Paradise (Adventures Unlimited Press 2001). One does not have to be adroit in math or science to enjoy his grand banquet.

My own recent favourite is The Temple at Jerusalem: a Revelation. First published as a chapter in Twelve Tribe Nations (in 1990) it was extended as a book published on this continent by Samuel Weiser, 2000. Salem means Peace. Jeru-Salem means Place of Peace. Of course, the physical city of Jerusalem & environs represent anything but. However, like Blake's poem referring to The New Jerusalem, we carry that place of Peace within us: a state of Presence that is always there, whether we recognize it or not. Here, John Michell gifts the reader with a stunning overview of the real Temple that is also there, now, for everyone. In a mere 70 pages (wonderfully illustrated), with erudition and optimism, he reveals the "secret" known by Ezekiel, St.John and Isaiah. Michell says, "The peaceful restoration of the Temple is now actually in process.This is no metaphor or poetic fancy, but a physical, concrete fact. No demolition or construction is required...for the site of the Temple has been disclosed."

John Michell is speaking of a vibrational temple, the city of Jerusalem itself, which also has real, physical markers: a temple of divine proportions both in the landscape and of etheric substance that uplifts. In our interview Michell added that the Temple has been carefully surveyed and measured, and there are no doubts that it is genuine. "One day, I am sure," he says, "the truths in it will be recognized." A typical response might be, 'Well, esoteric knowledge may be fine, but what difference does it make to the intractable conflict on the ground?' Michell says, "we are not concerned with politics or any other form of human contrivance...for the great changes that take place in history...occur spontaneously, as if in accordance with certain universal patterns and cycles." In other words, not everyone will see this. But now that it is out there, it only takes a small critical mass to affect change, subtly and directly.

In my work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I feel the healing of our own Temples is paramount. We are, after all, spirit in matter, and as each one of us brings our own Temple into alignment with our Inner Guiding Spirit, we can heal the fragmentation that has so plagued the human condition.

In past-life work (somewhat of a misnomer, as all time is one), many clients have experienced some of the things John Michell writes about, for example how the Pyramids were built, the hidden realms of Inner Earth, and more...

John Michell enjoys the work of Rupert Sheldrake, and feels that Patrick Harpur's Daimonic Reality "is one of the best guides to the nature of our existence." Michell's next book will be How The World Began.

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